As Christians our families are important to us. Genesis 2-3 records for us the creation of man and woman, marriage, sex and family! The significance of family is crucial as we seek to reach our families and people around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Needless to say, Satan will do his part to undermine and even destroy your family. He is relentless in his pursuit of your home and family life. If this sounds personal, it is! Your Christian family is under attack. Daily, relentlessly, you as a husband or you as a wife are being targeted. Some would say it this way… you are in Satan’s crosshairs! Knowing this, how should you respond? First, have FAITH in God. Develop a deep, growing daily walk the Lord. Mom and Dad read your Bibles, pray with and for each other. Pray with and for your children. Secondly, be FAITHFUL to the Lord and His church. Purposefully plan your worship with your church family. Set your church time apart, reserve the time for being together with other believers to worship the Lord and to grow together as God’s people. Thirdly, FIGHT for these precious truths with all you are, and with all you have! Having a godly family requires 100% of who you are as God’s child. Dads give 100%… Moms give 100% to the Lord… He will honor your wholehearted dependence upon HIM. Your children were given to you by the Lord… raise them to honor HIM. Having a Christian home requires work… hard work! Faith, faithfulness and a fighting spirit will not produce a perfect home. But they will make it possible for you to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. They will open Gospel opportunities for you as a parent. The Lord wants to bless you! Love Him, be faithful to Him and fight Satan with every fiber of your being. Your Christian family is worth it!   

SUNDAY SCHOOL BIBLE STUDY – I want to encourage every Sunday School teacher and class member as you attend your classes on Sunday. Read your lessons, pray for one another and invite others to join you in your class. Recently I started teaching Sunday School again. I love teaching, but I also love interacting with brothers and sisters around God’s Word. Find a class, get involved and you will be amazed how quickly you begin to grow in your walk with the Lord. There are study guides available… there are ministry opportunities as well. Praying for and with others is a tremendous blessing, don’t miss out on it! If you have questions about what class to attend, please see me or call me. I will see that you get connected with the right class. Start this Sunday and you will see that what I am saying is true.

CAROLINA PREGNANCY CENTER BABY BOTTLES – We passed these out this past Sunday. Fill yours with coins and return it to the church. The CPC does a great work in our community. They deserve our support. Do your part and make a difference for Jesus’ sake! They are in the trenches for babies… let’s support them!