Dear Lord, we thank You for the marvelous, life-transforming revelation of who You are: the Only True God. How wondrous it is that You choose to grant us glimpses of Your magnificent glory that is radiant in holiness, every time we worship You! We are ever grateful that you bless our efforts to worship You with the sacred seal of Your Presence despite our imperfections.

We rejoice in the privilege of being Your worshippers and are immensely humbled that You called us into this ministry of helping others to worship You.

May our worship convey that You are the undisputed supreme priority of our lives and that You will be our God and our mission forever.

May our passion for You and our pastoring of Your people be firmly rooted in uncompromised authenticity, demonstrating compassion to the weak, generosity to the needy and fairness in the treatment of people.

May the worship that we lead be a favorable avenue for You to reveal Your awesome power, heal the sick, lift up the lowly, restore the broken, comfort the hurting and bless Your Church.

May our worship invite Your grace to move in our lives and cultivate resilience during temptation, repentance during sin, forgiveness during hurt, trust during disappointment, fortitude during suffering and prayer at all times, shaping us to become imitations of You.

May our music, songs, art and other vehicles of worship express thanksgiving, praise, devotion, adoration, reverence, honor, blessing, awe and everything else that is rightfully Yours in a manner that pleases You and edifies Your Church.

As You draw us closer to Your irresistible heart of love, may we always minister in Your Name and under the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit embracing humility when we are applauded and grace when we are criticized.

May we become and remain willing, committed and faithful servants focused on spreading Your Name and the timeless message of the Cross within the spheres of influence that You place us in without compromising on our love, attention and care, for the lives You have entrusted to us, beginnings with our families.

And one day when our time here on earth comes to an end, we pray that You grant us the ultimate reward of Your benevolent mercy—the opportunity to worship You through all eternity, beholding Your glorious presence face-to-face.


by Gangai Victor