MERRY CHRISTMAS! Almost every part of the Bible’s Christmas narrative highlights the JOY that came with the birth of Jesus Christ! My recent Bible reading has taken me into Luke’s Christmas story of Jesus’ birth! JOY flows freely as Luke describes His birth. Even the birth of John the Baptist notes the JOY that came at John’s birth. The Angel of the Lord spoke of “GREAT JOY” to the “shepherds abiding in the field.” The fact is this, JESUS AND JOY GO TOGETHER. Throughout the coming days, let JOY rule in your heart and let JOY flow from your lips as you celebrate the birth of your Savior! JOY has companions, such as “peace, goodwill toward men.” Let Christmas 2015 be filled with the JOY of the Lord! People will notice and so will heaven!

Our Christmas Season Sermon Series is entitled, “Tis The Season.” Each week we will share from God’s Word Jesus’ Christmas Story beginning with His miraculous virgin birth and ending with His victorious second coming! Please be faithful in three areas: by faithfully attending every Sunday in December, by giving generously and faithfully each Sunday and thirdly by maintaining a faithful witness throughout the last four Sunday’s of December 2015. Finishing 2015 faithful and strong will send the devil and his demons a message… WE LOVE JESUS AND HIS GOSPEL! Let’s do this together!

I just glanced at December on the calendar. The clock is ticking down as we prepare for An Uptown Christmas. You can pick up posters and cards at the church tonight. Do your part to get your friends and family members to join you at The Town Commons on Sunday, December 13 and Sunday, December 20 @ 6:00 PM for An Uptown Christmas. Let’s make this presentation the best thing around Greenville for Christmas 2015. Pray, go to work and let’s see what the Lord does through us. Remember, this a first here in Greenville. The Lord wants to use you, and He wants to use me… doing this TOGETHER is crucial. Many hands make light work! God bless you as you go!

Merry Christmas!

Mike and Cheryl <><