Heavenly Father, in the lovely name of Jesus we approach Your throne of grace! In Jesus precious name we thank You for Your lovingkindness extended to us through our Savior, Jesus Christ. We acknowledge that only through Jesus can we possess Your mercy, peace and joy. We have nowhere else to turn for such virtues found only in our exalted Advocate, Jesus Christ the Righteous One. Oh what comfort is ours through Jesus. We seek fulfillment in such small places. Fulfillment does not come through things; it is found only in a person, Jesus Christ our Lord! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Your goodness to us. We are undeserving, but You are most gracious by extending Your mercy to us. On this Thanksgiving Day we give You humble praise for Who You are. You are more sufficient than we acknowledge! You are kinder than we deserve. You are our God; we do not deserve You or Your blessings. Accept our thanks in the wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord and Master! Amen!

Written by Pastor Mike Meshaw