This past Sunday we began a new series of messages through the Book of Romans. In doing my background study I came across a few interesting dates. For example, Paul’s Damascus Road salvation experience took place around 34 AD, he wrote Romans around 58 AD and he was executed in Rome in probably 67-68 AD. The thing that struck me about these dates is this. Paul never became so proud as to forget that he was a “servant of Jesus Christ.” He also never forgot that his salvation was by the grace of God and that he was a “debtor” to God for His grace and salvation! Basically, Paul lived his life humbly before God and man! He could have become proud and arrogant as an “apostle,” but he didn’t! My point is this. Later in Paul’s life he said, “I am want I am by the grace of God!” Brothers and sisters we are what we are by the grace of God! GIVE HIM GLORY!!!