Recently I saw something that blessed me in a tremendous way! Last week as I was drinking a cup of coffee I saw a neatly dressed woman and man get out of their SUV to get gas and coffee. As the woman approached the door she noticed a black lady smoking a cigarette with her head bobbing, listening to some music. I knew the black lady, I’ve seen her all over Greenville pushing a grocery cart. By this time the lady had picked up her things in Dunkin’ Donuts and made her way back to her truck. I thought she and her husband were leaving. She returned however, to greet the black lady who had continued to smoke and listen to her music. What took place was beautiful! The lady leaned over and spoke kindly to the black lady. It was obvious that she had done this before. And then I noticed as she turned to leave she placed some money on the table before her new friend! Then with a smile and it looked like a tear, the lady headed back to her vehicle and she and her husband drove off. I noticed the tag on the truck was from New Jersey. I thought to myself, what a great snapshot of how Jesus would have us love people. Aside from the gift, the woman’s attitude and spirit was so Christlike! Let’s all be like the woman from New Jersey and show people Jesus every chance we get!