Our will, now there’s a challenge! YOURS AND MINE!!! Pastor Phil Newton explains this challenge, he writes, John tells us “that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (I John 5:19). The whole bent of the world is to rebel against God. Peter Lewis explains that the world, in this sense, is “society constructed so as to keep God out of its affairs, society in its determined and deliberate godlessness” [The Lord’s Prayer: On Our Knees and in His Arms, 80-81]. So we pray in the face of the deliberate attempt of the world’s rebellion that God’s kingdom come and his will be done just like it is in heaven. Why would Jesus teach His disciples to pray, “Thy will be done, on earth, as it is heaven?” Going back to the initial words of the Lord’s Prayer we see a progression connecting believers to their Father in heaven. Derek Thomas says, “Three petitions exalting God come first: His name, His kingdom, His will are to be our preoccupation whenever we come before Him.”

In order for our “Father” relationship to mean anything, our will must be yielded to HIS WILL!!!