Tuesday, February 3, 2015 ~ Stay warm! Earlier today I looked out the window and saw the sun shining. I thought to myself, it sure looks warm out there today! I just assumed by what I saw, that it was warm or at the least, it warming up outside. I was wrong… it’s still pretty cold! By all appearances, things were good! This reminds me of last Sunday’s message from Matthew 6. According to Jesus, things may look good on the outside, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things are good! Some people are great at taking the things that God means for good and using them for evil! I guess I could say it this… Appearances can be deceiving! Ultimately, Jesus is teaching us that giving, praying and fasting are all meant to be done with pure hearts and with the purest of motives!!! I confessed Sunday that praying was a weakness of mine. I also said that I take seriously praying for you and with you! If this sounds like l am a work in process, I am, especially in the area of prayer! I want to encourage you to pray… pray alone and with others around you! Over the next few weeks we will hear what the Lord has to say about PRAYER. Please make it a point to be in your place every Sunday and pray with me and for me, as we share this sermon series on PRAYER.

Reaching Greenville with the Gospel is at center of everything we do at Grace Church. Our desire is to use every means possible to get out the message of the cross. Every means!!! Obviously we want to reach our own families with the Gospel. Reading Scripture and praying with your children is crucial if they are to be reached with the Gospel. Then again, what about our neighbors, friends and coworkers. Invite people to join you for our services. You are the Gospel’s most powerful witness. The Lord’s desire, is to use what He has done for you, as a witness of His saving grace! WOW… how important is that? Pray before you go… but by all means go, tell someone about Jesus! Do for them, what someone else did for you. Was it your Mom, your Dad or maybe a classmate? Was it a pastor, or even a stranger? Invite people around you to join you for a church service or a church event. You will not regret it and they will be glad you did!

Every so often, I reflect on my life’s calling to pastor Grace Church. I love what I do! But when everything is said and done, ONLY WHAT I DO FOR CHRIST REALLY MATTERS! The things of earth are passing away! Let’s make heaven rejoice! Leading people to Jesus and sharing the Gospel is what we do as followers of Christ! Seeing people saved and baptized brings great glory to our Heavenly Father, let’s do it together! I hope to see you Wednesday. If not then, I’ll see you Sunday!