Prayer is important! Over the past weeks and maybe even months, the Lord has been prompting me to a deeper and a more clearly defined prayer life. I know this sounds like a confession and it is! I know I need to be more committed to prayer. This desire in my life has produced conflict and warfare like I have never experienced before. My flesh, the devil and even my church work have stood in opposition to my sincere desire to seek the Lord more in prayer! Yet the truth remains, my Christian life is measured by my prayer life! I am what I am on my knees and nothing more! That being the case, I have a long ways to go! I covet your prayers and encourage you to deepen your prayer life as well! Let me also encourage you to pray more with your brothers and sisters at Grace Church! Praying with other believers has helped me in my desire to grow in the area of prayer!

This Sunday and throughout February I will be sharing a new sermon series entitled, “intouch.” This Sunday I will begin in Matthew 6 with the background of the Lord’s Prayer. Needless to say, my heart has been stirred. Through the Word of God, the Holy Spirit is breaking me and remaking me. I am praying that this will happen throughout our church and our homes. More prayer can’t hurt us… I am sure you will agree with me there! Matthew 6 will be our starting point. Within a week or so we will be digging deep into the Lord’s Prayer. This “intouch” Prayer series will carry us into EASTER SUNDAY! I am excited about what the Lord is going to do among us regarding PRAYER!

One last thing. If you have been saved in recent days and you need to be baptized, please let us know. After receiving Christ into your life, your next step is to publicly profess Christ as your Lord and Savior and to identify with His church. We can answer any questions you might have. Again, if you are a believer and you have not been baptized please let us know and we will make it happen!

God bless you… enjoy your weekend and we will see you Sunday morning for Bible study at 9:45 am and worship at 11 am and 6 pm. Philippians 1:4 Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy!

Encouraging you in Christ!
Pastor Mike and Cheryl <><