The Apostle Paul lived approximately half of his life looking out for himself and his religion. He describes in drastic terms how all of this changed when he met Jesus Christ on the Damascus Road and became a believer. In Philippians 3:12 Paul defines the radical nature of his Earthly Pursuit of Jesus Christ. Paul concludes Philippians 3:17-21 with his Heavenly Perspective as he looked forward to the second coming of Jesus. The story of William Borden helps us to see what all of this looks like in real life! “William Borden, the heir to the Borden milk fortune. William became a Christian early in life. After graduating from Yale University in 1909, he went on and graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1912. Even though he could have enjoyed a life of comfort and luxury, never having to work for a living, he chose to pour out his life as a missionary to the Egyptians. He laid down his life a year later, in 1913, in Cairo, the victim of cerebral meningitis, at the age of 25. His life, like our Lord’s was short, but it is a classic example of someone who adopted the mind of Christ, and gave up all that he had so that others could have life.” Mrs. Howard Taylor, Borden of Yale.