“And not only substitution, but satisfaction that the wrath of a holy, righteous God is appeased in the death of His son. You see, God cannot just forgive sin. Sin has to be dealt with. Guilt has to be born and rendered for and made accountable. And there are beautiful words here in verses three and four rendered in the New American Version. ‘He bore our griefs.’ Actually, the word is the same in both verse 3 and 4, it’s the word disease. And Matthew, when he noted Jesus healing men and women of their diseases quotes this verse. Not that Matthew thought that Christians would never get sick, but in the new heavens and in the new earth, Christians will never get sick. He died to bring back that which was lost. He died in order to restore a fallen creation. He died in order to re-create us after the image of God, and one day, to set our feet on the streets of the golden Jerusalem where there will be trees, the leaves for which are for the healing of the nations. That’s it.”